Euro-Pinoy Talk Feedback

2021 was associated with a lot of stress, mainly because of work and our various projects, but they were quite successful. We have hosted a number of webinars on a variety of topics, which have led to many interesting conversations and reflections:

Euro-Pinoy Talk Episode 5: One year in pandemic Crisis-Lockdown-Outlook

Euro-Pinoy Talk Episode 6: Asian Hate-Discrimination-Racism

Euro-Pinoy Talk Episode 7: Filipino painters and curators in Europe

Euro-Pinoy Talk Episode 8: Raising Mental Health Awareness among Filipinos in Europe 

The following statement is a testament to Sentro’s hard work and successful activities:

„I am grateful for the invitation to join this talk – despite the fact that I am not a professional in this field. However, as an entrepreneur, I am in exchange with many people who are sometimes very stressed, and I do believe that mental health is not addressed in a sufficient way. Esp. in times of the pandemic, it is more than ever important to also have a look „under the surface“ and stay alert. I have learned a lot in this expert talk and was happy to exchange thoughts about this topic with Euro-Pinoy experts – it’s an awesome format, many thanks for creating this platform and covering this important topic!“ 

(John Rueth, Participant of the eigth episode „Raising Mental Health Awareness among Filipinos in Europe“)

Besides our Euro-Pinoy Talk webinar, we also published our first book „Common Diversities. Junge Filipin@s im deutschsprachigen Raum [Common Diversities. Young Filipin@s in German-speaking countries]“. Get your copy if you have ever wanted to know why so many young Euro-Pinoys don’t speak Tagalog? Have you ever wondered if young Filipinos feel connected to Filipino culture? Do the young Filipinos who were born or moved to Austria/Germany/Switzerland see themselves as Filipinos or as Europeans? If you are looking for and want to find answers to these questions, the book Common Diversities can help you. Common Diversities tells the untold stories of second and third generation Filipinos in German-speaking countries. For the first time they get a face and a voice.: „Common Diversities Junge Filipin@s im deutschsprachigen Raum“ – Sentro Buch 

To celebrate our book release with you, we want to dedicate our next episode of the Euro-Pinoy Talk webinar to how to publish a book – from the idea of writing a story to holding the book in your hands. We will talk to various Filipino book authors who are in Europe and have published their books. Link to the event: Euro-Pinoy Talk 9: In conversation with Filipino book authors in Europe – from idea to publication

Stay curious and talk about it. The next webinar is just around the corner on February 27. See you there, Ralph Chan (host of Euro-Pinoy Talk)