Euro-Pinoy Talk Episode 8: Raising Mental Health Awareness among Filipinos in Europe

The desire for a healthy mind is playing an increasingly important role for young people. More and more people are advocating a work-life balance instead of working hard until the end of their life to earn good money. There are also increasing numbers of social projects dealing with mental health awareness. Depression is one of the most common mental illnesses in our time and society. COVID19, but also the Christmas season, make these diseases worse. Not much is said about it, especially in the Filipino community. Sometimes it even seems that the subject of mental health is a taboo subject among Filipinos.

To this day, many see a mental illness as self-inflicted and do not equate it with a disability. One of them could even get to hear „Don’t act like that, pull yourself together, it’ll go away again. So the question is: why is that so? That’s one of the questions we’ll address in the next episode. Other discussion points are: How are Filipinos doing with regards to their mental wellbeing? What coping mechanisms are there when one suffers from depression or anxiety? How are the OFWs doing this Christmas, especially when they are locked up and unable to fly to the Philippines to visit their families?