Euro-Pinoy Talk Feedback

What a year we’ve been through! We really deserve the summer, we should use it for rest, reflection and relaxation. Despite a year in the pandemic, „Euro-Pinoy Talk“ did not stop and organized webinars on various topics. We sincerely thank all our cooperation partners Filipino LGBT Europe, Filipino Nurses Community Germany and Henerasyon 2.0

In case you haven’t seen the newest episodes yet, here are the links:

4th episode in English about the different forms of love relationships

5th episode in English about a year in the pandemic – an expert and reflection talk with people from different industries

6th episode in English about Asian Hate, Discrimination and Racism

As we’ve heard and seen, Euro-Pinoys have a lot to tell. Through this series of webinars we get to know the reality and everyday life of our Kababayans from their eyes.

Stay curious and talk about it. The next webinar is just around the corner. Have a nice summer Ralph Chan (host of Euro-Pinoy Talk)

Here are some statements:

„I was very grateful to be invited to speak in the webinar ‚Euro-Pinoy Talk Episode 5: One year in pandemic: Crisis-Lockdown-Outlook‘. It gave me delight to be able to share some knowledge and my experiences about well-being during this pandemic, especially to the europinoy community. I felt as if this topic is extremely important to talk about and a lot of the time goes unnoticed during these trying times. I am further grateful to expand my knowledge on this topic by hearing the different perspectives from the different fields, hearing from both an expert in sociology and a public health expert has definitely broadened my outlook on the current pandemic. I am thankful for the experience.“

(Megan Cornelissen, Participant of the fifth episode „One year in pandemic: Crisis-Lockdown-Outlook“)

„Through Euro Pinoy Talk episode 5, I realized I’m not alone in this pandemic while I work as a teacher in Spain. Being away from your home country and family is difficult; more so, if you’re in the middle of a pandemic. After knowing the experiences of co-Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) across Europe, it made me realize that when I feel anxious or worried from time to time, they’re valid because other people experience those too. Likewise, I learned so much from the medical professionals who gave advice on how to cope with the pandemic as an OFW.“

(Shelly Dimaculangan, Participant of the fifth episode „One year in pandemic: Crisis-Lockdown-Outlook“)

“I was happy to be a part of the Webinar and be able to share my story of being married to a European guy. I have told our love story many times before but putting it out there for Europeans and Pinoys to watch and listen to made me nervous and worried if people can actually learn or be inspired by my stories and experiences. I hope it did for those who watched it. The insights that the other participants– Chris and Tracy, and Serge and Morse– gave in the Webinar also taught me a lot. I fully realized that I am not alone in this kind of marriage/partnership journey. I hope that everyone who’s currently in non-traditional relationships will continue to fight for their love. :)“

(Jane Koivisto, Participant of the fourth episode „Listen to Your Heart“)

“It was very liberating and felt good to share your life experiences and learning to other people. Living as an OFW for almost 10 years now taught me a lot things. The life experiences and struggles was not easy at all however it gets easier as time flies. With this kind of talks being discussed and shared, we have the chance to have a voice and share our emotions and feelings about certain topics. I hope you keep doing things and help a lot of OFW to learn from different peoples experiences and journeys. There are still a lot of deeper issues that needs to be tackle and I hope you could give it a chance to discuss it on your platform 🙂

Thank you very much and good luck :)“

(Erwin Noscal, Participant of the sixth episode „Asian Hate-Discrimination-Racism“)

“Given the massive effect of the Covid-19 pandemic around the world, I felt the need to speak up about the dangers of xenophobic attacks posed to people of color, particularly in countries experiencing rapid democratic decline. My experience of being assaulted in Budapest, with the perpetrators claiming I’m Chinese, only affirmed the many threats to migrant safety that we are yet to resolve. Thanks for giving me a platform to share my own story. I’m hopeful to have brought further awareness – and maybe openness, too – in understanding and fighting intolerance better.“”

(Ian Salavana, Participant of the sixth episode „Asian Hate-Discrimination-Racism“)

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